Wheel Chair Van Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln
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Wheel Chair Van Transportation

MediCab Wheelchair Van Non Emergency Transportation Sacramento Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Wheelchair transport, “door through door” covid

Wheel Chair Van Transportation

Wheel Chair Van Transportation

Wheelchair Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County

As we move into the summer months, we at MediCab hope everyone is getting through this tough time as best as possible.  We have been actively working to ensure our business remains fluid but still maintains safety for all clients.  For the last 9 weeks or so, we have focused our transports on our dialysis clients.  As medical offices begin opening again, we will begin to branch out and transport more appointments.  In order to keep our drivers and clients safe, we are only transporting door to door at this time. Unfortunately, we have found it tough to leave time to schedule for the various screening process conducted at every medical office, dialysis clinic and nursing home.  We are happy to continue all trips provided we can arrange for a door to door transport rather than door through door.  In addition, our drivers will remain masked up during transport and will sanitize the van after every transport.  We recommend anyone that can wear a mask during their trip do so.  We understand this is not an option for everyone, so anyone that cannot wear a mask for medical reasons  is still welcome to utilize our service if you have no signs or symptoms of any illness.

Although many businesses have altered their process to avoid any handling of paperwork, unfortunately no modifications have been made by the State of California to the requirement of a Justification form for medical appointments which require an authorization from Medi-Cal.  We will still be handing out those forms for any Medi-Cal covered service.  This form will be required to be returned, completed upon the return trip home.  We do apologize, but do not control the requirements by the State.  All drivers do carry sanitizing supplies for use by both the driver and client.  Please understand that all drivers are given the same guidelines as clients.  A driver is not scheduled for or allowed to work if they have any signs of illness.  We hope everyone is doing as well as they can during this time and are here to help in any way possible.


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