Dialysis Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County
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Dialysis Transportation

Dialysis Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County Non Emergency Medical Transportation | Roseville Rocklin | Wheelchair Van MediCab Medical Transportation |

Dialysis Transportation

Dialysis Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County

One of the main types of transports we do here at MediCab is dialysis transport.  Our drivers understand the importance of this treatment. We also understand the effects.  We have many regulations in place to ensure our dialysis patients are a priority in arriving on time.  In addition, we understand that the treatment may come with delays. Blood pressure issues; clotting issues; general weakness.  We have compassion and take great care to have patience if our schedule is affected by one of these possible delays. We also take great consideration in schedule changes.  We understand that sometimes an access may not work. The client may need to leave the clinic early and return on an off day to make up the treatment.

Because we focus our transport on dialysis, this gives us the ability to make these changes with little notice.  We take great pride in ensuring our employee are providing the best transport possible for all clients. We help our clients with their bags, their blankets and/or anything else they might need during this vital treatment.  Our employees assist all clients, whether ambulatory or wheelchair, into the clinic and the vehicle both before and following treatment. Our clients safety is our number one concern.

Dialysis is one of the only treatments that is an automatic to receive authorization for transportation under the Medi-Cal regulations.  This is because the treatment is harsh on the patient. It can leave the patient very weak post treatment. MediCab staff will help all clients to make this trip as pleasant as possible to this life sustaining treatment.  Although kidney failure is a very unpleasant medical condition, with this treatment, kidney failure patients can live a fairly normal life. We take pride in the small role we can fill in helping our clients continue living as normal a life as they can.  We work very closely with the clinics in our area and have established ourselves as the go-to for dialysis transportation in the Roseville area.

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MediCab Medical Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County

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