Dialysis Wheelchair Transportation  Roseville | Rocklin | Placer County
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Dialysis Wheelchair Transportation 

Dialysis Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County Non Emergency Medical Transportation | Roseville Rocklin | Wheelchair Van MediCab Medical Transportation |

Dialysis Wheelchair Transportation 

Dialysis Wheelchair Transportation 

Wheelchair Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County

Medicab wants our community to know that we are remaining operational during this tough time.  We are operating on a limited basis as we are only transporting dialysis clients as their trips are life sustaining.  We want to help encourage all of our clients to cancel any non-essential appointments. We must all do our part to help minimize risk to our drivers, our clients and their families and those in our community.

Beginning the first week of March, Medicab began a policy of front door pick up and drop off at our skilled nursing facilities.  Our drivers were instructed not to enter those facilities. Many of our dialysis clinics are using the same concept at this time.  It helps minimize exposure of germs and viruses. Our drivers are also sanitizing the seatbelts, doors and seats after every client.  We are not transporting any client who has a known illness or symptoms of an illness. Our drivers are sanitizing their hands after handling wheelchairs or opening doors.  Medicab is not currently using our company wheelchairs for clients to help to avoid cross contamination as well. Additionally, any staff member that has symptoms of an illness will be sent home immediately.

Our dialysis clients are the only clients we are transporting at this time.  These clients are seen three times per week or more at their medical facilities.  Their health is monitored closely by the medical team at the clinic. The measures taken by our team along with the medical care teams at the dialysis clinics are helping to ensure that our staff and our clients are doing all we can to remain safe at a time like this.  Rest assured that we will all get through this together.

We are not currently accepting new clients and are only transporting existing clients to dialysis to avoid any unnecessary trips out and to keep these safety measures in place.  We have minimized our staff accordingly and are only keeping enough staff on the road to ensure all dialysis clients get to their treatments. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this time.  We strongly encourage everyone in our community to stay home. The quickest way to get through this epidemic is to do as suggested and avoid exposing others to this unseen enemy. We look forward to getting past this and bringing all of our staff back on in the near future.

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