Non Emergency Medical Transportation Wheelchair Transportation
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Non Emergency Medical Transportation

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Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Wheelchair Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County

Over the last five weeks, Medicab has opted to scale back operations.  For the sake of our staff and our clients, we have operated for the sole purpose of ensuring our dialysis clients get to and from their life sustaining treatments.  Because of this choice, we were put in a position to lay off some drivers so that they could remain home and remain safe. The team members who continued to work were supplied masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.  We implemented the policy of only transporting one client at a time with the few exceptions of clients who frequent the same clinic and have been transported together for quite some time. We do not enter any medical facility lobbies.  


Our staff are doing door to door pick up and deliveries ensuring they are maintaining social distancing.  They wear masks during transport with any and all clients. Gloves are not worn for driving as this has been proven to be not only ineffective, but more dangerous in the way of cross contaminating.  Rather, they wear gloves to load and unload wheelchairs only. Drivers are using hand sanitizer before and after every single drop off and pick up. In addition, we are sanitizing the area in and around where every client sits including the door handles, window levers, seatbelts, etc..  Management has also made it clear to all drivers that any sign of illness is to be reported so that we can keep our clients healthy. We are sending the drivers for the same clients each dialysis day to try to keep as little contact as possible with other sources. We are hoping these measure ensure all of our staff and clients, along with their families remain healthy.


We have, as of this week, been in a position to bring 2 additional drivers back to work.  This choice allows us to have extra time between clients to sanitize. As we move forward, we will only take additional trips as necessary and as long as we can ensure all passengers have been safely quarantined at home during this very volatile situation.  Our goal is to be available for all clients needs’ but to ensure safety and well being of everyone we come in contact with. We hope that everyone remains healthy and well. Together, we can get life back to the normal we know, rather than the new normal we keep hearing about.   

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