Non Emergency Medical Transport Wheelchair Roseville | Rocklin |
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Non Emergency Medical Transport

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Non Emergency Medical Transport

Non Emergency Medical Transport

Wheelchair Transportation | Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Placer County

As many local businesses are having to make adjustments though this crazy time, MediCab continues to assist local residents in their transport needs to dialysis and medical appointments in the South Placer County area.  With safety measures in place, our drivers are continuing to provide a safe, reliable choice for transport needs.  Being in the Roseville/Rocklin area for over 25 years gives us the advantage as many clinics and offices have communicated their policies to us in advance.  Our drivers will continue to provide this service without interruption to those in need of Non-Emergency Medical transport.

MediCab has worked diligently over the years to create a great business relationship with both Sutter and Kaiser offices in the area.  We are the go-to for both outpatient surgery and GI procedures for both medical facilities.  We provide the lowest rate possible for those client’s who pay out of pocket for transportation.  Our drivers understand that individual needs vary, and we are willing to adjust our normal procedures if the need arises.  Part of our training includes teaching our drivers to show the care and respect to client’s that they would want shown to their loved ones.  This has helped us not only create a trust and respect that both our drivers and clients deserve, but has helped us maintain the level of service that we know families should expect.  One of the toughest decisions our clients make is putting the trust in someone else to show up and to show up on time.  Then to be able to safely get them to their necessary appointments.  We do this time and time again.  In our decades in business, we have proven ourselves to be at the top in reliability and timeliness.  We have policies in place that help us keep a high percentage of on time arrivals.  We want to take this time to thank all of our clients, families and facilities for putting their trust in us.  We also want to thank our staff for continuing to battle with us during this crazy time.  We will continue to work hard to maintain the relationships we have built and provide a safe and reliable service to those in our community.


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